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Welsh Government seeks views on proposals to reduce Wales’ emissions

The Welsh Government has opened a consultation on their new proposals to reduce emissions in Wales by 80% in 2050.

The proposals describe the targets that the Welsh Government will set between now and 2050, (to be approved by the National Assembly) and the plans that they will use to reduce emission.

The Welsh Government says a large proportion of Wales’ energy still comes from fossil fuels and that we have a high proportion of heavy industry in Wales, and that there are a number of other challenges specific to Wales.

The Welsh Government’s proposals include increasing the number of renewable sources of energy used to generate power in Wales, create a zero carbon travel network, encourage people in Wales to use electric vehicles, and to examine and use new technology in effective ways to help reduce our emissions.

The consultation also specifically asks young people for their views on the proposals. There is a young friendly version of the consultation, available here, and at the end of that document, a short survey for young people to fill out.

The consultation will run until 04 October 2018.

You can read the consultation in full, here.

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