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British Youth Council support renewed attempt to introduce lower voting age

The British Youth Council and the Votes at 16 Coalition has joined forces with the FairVote Campaign to support renewed attempts to introduce lowering the voting age.

The newest attempt is a bill introduced by Peter Kyle MP, through ballot. The Bill, Representation of the People (Young People’s Enfranchisement) Bill 2017-18, is designed to reduce the voting age to 16 in Parliamentary and other elections, to make enrolment onto the electoral register automatic for people 16 – 24, and to let educational establishments be used as polling stations.

The Bill received its second reading on 11 May 2018, but proceedings were interrupted, and so the reading will continue on the 26 October 2018.

Anna Rose Barker, Chair of the British Youth Council said: “Young people have been speaking out in favour of a lower voting age for 19 years. There are no credible argument against lowering the age now that we allow 16 and 17 year olds the chance to vote in some elections.

“I hope Members of Parliament will see that 16 and 17 year olds can no longer be denied a vote.”

To read more from the British Youth Council, please visit their website, here. To read the Bill, please visit its page at Parliament.uk.

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