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Calling all budding young journalists!

The Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is an international competition which offers budding journalists, aged between 11-21 the opportunity to investigate environmental issues and problems and propose solutions through investigative reporting, photographic or video/film journalism.

This year Keep Wales Tidy is asking students from schools, colleges and youth organisations in Wales to take part in the YRE Litter Less campaign and produce a journalistic piece about increasingly important environmental issues such as marine litter. This is a fantastic opportunity for young people in Wales to take part in an international competition teaching new skills that tie in with many parts of the curriculum, including the new Digital Competence Framework.

Organisations would be expected to support a group of students to:

  • Investigate a local litter issue with a wide ranging impact
  • Involve the whole organisation by organising a practical event or community action day or raising awareness of the chosen issue
  • Monitor the impact of your campaign using the YRE Impact Measurement Survey
  • Report on the issue and your findings and suggest solutions for minimising litter
  • Share your investigations with the school, local community and the YRE network via at least 3 media outlets

Organisations who express interest in the project by 21 November will receive resources and support to develop the campaign and carry out a practical event or community action day.

Benefits of taking part in YRE Litter Less:

  • Opportunity to attend the national winner’s workshop if your school/college/youth organisation wins one of the categories
  • Opportunity to report at a major event in Wales if your school/college/youth organisation wins one of the categories
  • Opportunity to collaborate with an international ‘sister’ school to disseminate good practice
  • Teaches young people to find solutions to issues and to make positive choices
  • Empowers young people to use their voice to change their environment and the attitude and behaviours of others
  • Increases student knowledge in preventing and managing waste
  • Prizes!!!

If you are interested in taking part in YRE Litter Less complete and return the expression of interest form before the 21 November.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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