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Your youth forum is a fantastic way to get involved in your local community, and to tackle issues that affect children and young people where you live. Every forum in Wales works differently but the issues are always identified by young people who then campaign for change. Some areas also have children's forums.

The forum will be using this page to share what they're doing. Come back soon to find out what's going on.

Peace Jam 2016

Six young people from Caerphilly Youth Forum recently represented Caerphilly at the International Peace Jam event held at Winchester University. Over 150 young people from the UK, Europe and America attended the two day conference.

Peace Jam have over 20 years of experience developing youth and adult leaders engaged with their communities. The keynote guest at the conference was Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Mechu Tum, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 for her work for native people’s rights in Central America.

The young representatives heard the experiences of Rigoberta Mechu Tum and had the opportunity to put their own questions forward, and to start building the blocks of positive change for the future.

Attendees learned about different cultures, had the opportunity to debate key issues around equality and human rights and discussed global developmental issues in the various educational workshops held throughout the event.

Lauren Prosser, Chair of the Youth Forum, said “I thought Peace Jam was a really mind broadening experience and I gained a real insight into other people’s beliefs and how they view the meaning of peace”.



Films and workshops produced by Caerphilly Youth Forum educate young people and raise awareness of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS’s), drugs and alcohol.

Down in One
Recruitment Day
Special Delivery



Young Wales launched on Friday 27th March with young people from forums across Wales meeting in Newtown to decide their priorities for the year.

Young Wales film pic

Mental health - you're not alone!

The Caerphilly Youth Forum created a young person friendly Mental Health Leaflet. They felt there was a need for young people in to have a better understanding of Mental Health to stop the stigma and stereotyping attached to Mental Health issues.
Click the image below to download the booklet.

Mental Health Booklet 1

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